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Subscription and rates
We collect subscription charges in INR for all periodicals / journals, both those published within India or abroad. We obtain the necessary foreign exchange on your behalf and remit the same to the publisher of the journal / periodical along with the order. We charge subscription rates as determined by the publishers and do not levy any additional service charges.

Subscription for all periodical / journals needs to be remitted to the publisher in advance along with the order. Hence, order processing is completed only upon receipt of the full subscription amount for all periodicals / journals against our Proforma Invoice. The Proforma Invoice shall be submitted to the subscriber as soon as we receive a firm order / acceptance of our quotation.

Proof of publisher's price
We provide the proof of the publisher's price in respect of journals covered in our Proforma Invoice upon the request of the subscriber.

Processing and delivery of journals
upon completion of order processing immediately upon receipt of the full subscription amount, we generally arrange to airlift journals from the USA and receive via Airfreight from other countries. We ensure final delivery to our subscribers through courier / speed post / hand delivery where feasible.

Monitoring Supply
We recommend to all subscribers that all foreign journals are received by us at our office to facilitate order tracking, fulfilment and follow up on missing issues, if any. We guarantee all issues that have been published by the publisher, and provide official correspondence as proof for those that have not been published. In the rare event of a missed issue, we make a proportionate refund or provide a pro-rata extension.

Online Access
For journals that provide free online access along with a subscription to the print edition, we provide the subscriber with the details necessary to access the online edition of the periodical / journal. If online access is available for a fee levied by the publisher, we advise our subscribers accordingly.

We ensure renewal of subscriptions even if earlier subscriptions were routed independent of us.

We have a detailed catalogue of journals published all over the world on various subjects, which can be sent to assist you in the process of selecting the right periodicals and journals as per your areas of interest.

Responsibilities as a subscription agency
  • As subscription agents, our responsibilities ends with ensuring that the subscriptions received by us are paid out to the concerned publisher or their agent(s) with necessary instructions to mail the periodicals directly to the subscribers address as and when published. In the event of a periodical being suspended on account of insolvency, the loss would be borne by the subscriber similar to when he would have paid the subscription directly to the publisher.
  • Although we are not responsible for lost or stolen copies, it remains our endeavour to make good reasonable claims / losses or delays if reported to us within a reasonable period of time, not later than five months from the date of publication. We shall work to mitigate the subscriber's loss by either requesting the publisher to replace the missing issues, or extend the subscription period, or refund (pro-rata) the subscription as per their discretion.
  • Prices are subject to publisher's charges. The subscriber is bound to pay any excess cost that may be called for on account of a revision in price for any cause. We reserve the right to cancel any or all subscriptions if excess costs remain unpaid within one month of sending our bill.
  • The acceptance and date of commencement of subscriptions are subject to the publisher's confirmation.
  • There may be an initial delay in the receipt of foreign magazines, ranging between three and five months from the time we receive the subscription.
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